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  • In recent years, summer events have become a primary opportunity for players seeking to develop their skills and experience. Geronimo has decided to organize several travel teams aimed at providing our current players the chance to gain from these events.
  • These teams are more competitive than our typical “regular season” Geronimo teams. Playing time will be earned and not guaranteed.
  • Any player interested should reflect upon the commitment required, both in time and money, and should be prepared to make the team a priority in their early summer schedule.
  • These teams are not available to our Rising Star or Pathfinder players.
  • Fees cover tournament costs, uniforms, administrative expenses, and coaches.
  • Families will be on their own for travel, food, lodging, and supervision of players off the field.
  • Fees will be determined once the tournaments schedule is set in the late fall or early winter.
  • These tournaments are very competitive and it is up to the parents to investigate these events to determine if they are appropriate for their son or daughter before registering to try out for these teams.
  • All practices are at the Collegiate School Robins Campus unless otherwise noted.

While much of the focus around these summer events has largely become about gaining college exposure, we feel that these events are valuable ways to effectively improve skills and test ourselves against quality opponents.

As always feel free to contact  with questions.