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About Pathfinders

Pathfinders our 1st - 3rd grade boys' program, which is run primarily in clinic format to encourage learning of basic skills and fundamentals through fun drills. Teams will be organized for game play following the first few sessions.

Team assignments may change from week to week.
1st graders will play mostly 3v3* 
2nd graders will play mostly 4v4 
3rd graders will play mostly 5v5 

*The Pathfinders group typically begins in 1st grade.  Players who are in Kindergarten and meet the U.S. Lacrosse 6U age requirement (born before Aug 31, 2014) are considered on a case-by-case basis. 

All games will be played on a short field to maximize touches and increase stick skills and decision-making.
1st graders may play with some 2nd graders and 2nd graders may play with some 3rd graders.  
1st and 3rd graders will not be grouped together.

All players registered in the Pathfinders will be able to join Geronimo pick-up at a reduced rate! 

The season will start at the end of spring break and run for 9 weeks.  Practices will run from 9:15-10:45 on Saturday mornings.  One exception will be on VGF weekend. 

1st graders will only play on Saturday mornings 
2nd graders will have an additional two Wednesday night practices from 6:30-7:45.
3rd graders will have an additional four Wednesday night practices from 6:30-7:45.


** Change to day and/or time

** 3rd grade only Wednesday night practice

** 2nd and 3rd grade Wednesday night practice

**This nine-week schedule is built to accommodate sessions missed due to weather.  Scheduling make up sessions will only be considered if we miss more than one of our nine sessions.  Time of year, field availability and coach availability will be factors considered in scheduling any make up sessions.

Register Now!


Pathfinders 1st grade $155

Pathfinders 2nd grade $160

Pathfinders 3rd grade $165

Pathfinder boys will need full lacrosse equipment, including stick, helmet, mouth guard, gloves, arm and shoulder pads. See the Equipment page for details and purchasing alternatives.  Registration is limited based on field constraints and field availability.  All Pathfinder participants will receive a Geronimo jersey.

All Geronimo players will be automatically registered with US Lacrosse and will receive the insurance coverage, a subscription to Lacrosse Magazine, and other benefits.
Geronimo Lacrosse programs will adhere to the water break and severe weather policies that are in place for the Collegiate Summer Quest Sports Program. Features include, but are not limited to: appropriate water breaks for players (based on temperature) and a zero-tolerance for lightening/thunder.

Andrew Stanley, the Associate Athletic Director and Head Boys Varsity Lacrosse Coach at Collegiate School, is the Pathfinders Program Director. Andrew has developed a teaching approach that emphasizes skill development and a love for competition in a fun environment.