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About Blazing Stars

The Blazing Stars program is structured to introduce and enhance basic lacrosse skills and full field game concepts to 3rd, 4th, 5th, and 6th grade girls.

Blazing Stars is divided into two divisions: 3rd and 4th grade girls play in Division 3, and 5th and 6th grade girls play in Division 1

D1 will play mostly full field games

D3 will play mostly 7v7 games on a short field to increase touches and skill development

Players will be divided into evenly matched teams for individual team practice and play within their respective divisions.

In order to enhance player development and provide the best educational experience possible, we are adjusting our schedules for the coming spring.  As we have in the past we will divide all of the players into even teams and have practices and games within that format.

To allow us to better develop each player we will also designate some Thursday night sessions to split the girls by their experience level and work with them on different aspects of the game based on their current level. This will allow us to develop each player's confidence, technique and tactical awareness at an appropriate and accessible pace. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions about this plan.

*All players registered in the Pathfinders will be able to join Geronimo pick-up at a reduced rate!

To continue to enhance the Geronimo experience and actively participate in the growing lacrosse community, each Blazing Stars D1 team will play one game vs a local rec team. The official game schedule will be posted once it is finalized.

Sessions are on Thursday nights from 6:30-7:45 and Sunday afternoons from 3:00 - 4:30pm.  Two exceptions will be on Easter and Mother's Day.  

The first few sessions will focus mostly on practice and skill development. Remaining Thursday and Sunday sessions will focus mostly on inter league games.

Players who miss a session, without valid reason and proper communication with the coaching staff, may see their playing time in the following games reduced. 




**Change to normal day and/or time

**This nine-week schedule is built to accommodate sessions missed due to weather.  Scheduling make up sessions will only be considered if we miss more than two of our sessions.  Time of year, field availability and coach availability will be factors considered in scheduling any makeup sessions.



D1 Fee: $205
D3 Fee: $200

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All Geronimo players will be automatically registered with US Lacrosse and will receive the insurance coverage, a subscription to Lacrosse Magazine, and other benefits.

Geronimo Lacrosse programs will adhere to the water break and severe weather policies that are in place for the Collegiate Summer Quest Sports Program. Features include but are not limited to appropriate water breaks for players (based on temperature) and a zero-tolerance for lightening/thunder.

Heather Garnett will serve as Program Director of Division 1, and Christina Dobson will serve as Program Director of Division 3

Coaches will include former high school and college players.


Positive Play Philosophy:

This is a developmental league with an emphasis on skills, game concepts, sportsmanship, teamwork and fun.

Our coaches and referees are volunteers.

Please support them in every way possible.

             The Geronimo Blazing Stars program is designed to introduce the fundamentals of women’s lacrosse and to build confidence, sportsmanship and relationships through team sports. No experience is required, as the format is structured for the beginner, with emphasis on basic stick and game skills.