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We know that children today are more programmed than ever. Kids need the freedom to discover how sports work for them. They need to play in small-sided games without having a coach dictate their every move. That’s why Geronimo has held onto our small-sided numbers in 1st-4th grade and that’s why we are adding a session for organized pick-up open to 5th and 6th graders.  

The 75-minute sessions will be split with 30 minutes dedicated to warm up and drills and 45 minutes for game play. The drills will all be concept based and not just isolated skill sessions with the goal being to enhance “sports IQ” and awareness. The more we can to help players grasp the context in which skills need to be used without telling them exactly what to do (“remote controlling them”) the closer we will be to our goal of developing “thinking players.”

These games will be co-ed, 3v3 with wooden goalies and a softer ball (Goalie sticks or long defender sticks are not allowed).  Games will be low contact (think basketball) with no checks above the shoulders or towards the head, so helmets, shoulder pads, elbow pads and gloves are not allowed.   **Equipment** The required equipment for Pick-Up Lacrosse is a standard sized short stick, a mouthguard and a protective cup for boys.   

The Pick-up program is a great option for players in Blazing Stars, Rising Stars, Pathfinders and Warriors who wish to gain extra skills outside of normally scheduled practices.

Experience what sports are really meant to be...Fun!





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Fee: $110
There will be a reduced rate of $90 for players who are also registered in Pathfinders, Warriors, Blazing Stars or Rising Stars.

All Geronimo players will automatically be registered with US Lacrosse and will receive insurance coverage, a subscription to Lacrosse Magazine as well as other benefits.  

There is a 50 player limit for Geronimo Pick-Up Lacrosse

Geronimo Lacrosse programs will adhere to the water break and severe weather policies that are in place for the Collegiate School Summer Quest Sports programs. Features include, but are not limited to appropriate water breaks for players (based on temperature) and a zero tolerance for lightening/thunder.


Andrew Stanley is the Geronimo Pick-Up Lacrosse Program Director.
Coaches include current and former high school and college players.