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Philosophy and Expectations:

Geronimo’s exceptional ability to teach and promote the fundamentals differentiates us not only from other regional youth lacrosse programs but from most youth sports programs in general. 

Our mission is to teach and instruct first, to coach games second, to win games third.

As always, we want to thank you for your commitment to the program. It speaks volumes about Geronimo that we remain 100% volunteer-driven, particularly in a time when coaches are in such high demand.

  • Sportsmanship above all else
  • The tone of the voice is almost more important than what is being said
  • Never shame a kid
  • Never question a kid's toughness. You can let them know that they need to step it up in other ways
  • Correct a kid quietly; congratulate him at the top of your lungs


Rules – Teach the rules and refuse to bend the rules to win.

Opponents – Respect your opponents, treat them fairly, and maintain
high level of sportsmanship.

Officials – Show respect when you disagree, be calm and rational.

Teammates – Never do anything to embarrass the team, stick with your
teammates, and do what’s in the interest of the team, not the individual.

Self – Self-respect is easier when you teach that playing hard/giving
100% is the sole priority (along with having fun).